Central Ewhurst Expansion

I had been waiting for more information, but this seems a good opportunity to publish a little bit of good news.

A new pure-fibre distribution cabinet has been installed at the EYSC and some adjacent customers in Broomers Lane are now connected and working well. I do not yet have any information about the full area to be covered by this new cabinet; hopefully service will eventually be available to the whole of central Ewhurst. I understand that the Parish Council gave Box Broadband a free way-leave across the Recreation Ground; from the Bowls Club to beyond the tennis courts, in exchange for free connection to the EYSC, Village Hall and Glebe Centre.

Homes need a fast Internet connection now as never before, with perhaps several family members working from home and others needing entertainment. This will amply demonstrate the advantage of symmetric pure-fibre over FTTC, BT’s partial fibre substitute. For example, I have not noticed any reduction in connection speed over the last few weeks, and our Box connection is as reliable as ever.

I have seen several complaints about pre-sales communication on social media. Apparently enquiries are not always dealt with efficiently, and it seems Box continue to suggest very optimistic delivery timescales. Perhaps these issues are understandable under the circumstances, but they really should have been sorted out by now.

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