Pitch Hill build update

Box Broadband issued the following statement yesterday.

We have now completed between 75%-80% of the build which includes all of the challenging build through woods (Boxcom teams were in the woods recently as some residents  saw) and across farms. These sections proved to be far more difficult than we had first expected but they are all pretty much completed.

The remainder of the build now requires a number of road crossings to complete as it is more on the main sections of road. We are working with Boxcom at the moment to work out how we get their other teams off furlough to complete this work.

I cannot express how difficult working around Covid and furlough has been so that we can avoid redundancies to our teams but we are as keen as you to get Pitch Hill completed for the residents and get the connections in place for both of our benefits, the project has been hugely expensive to date so we need to get it finished also.

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