Major Outage on Tuesday

Box Broadband customers in Walliswood and Ewhurst were affected by the major outage in a Docklands data centre on Tuesday 18th August 2020. Our connection was down at start of day, and checking the router log showed that it went down at 4:25 am. I called Box Broadband support and heard a recorded message that they were aware of an outage in Ewhurst, however, the option to press 2 for further details did not work on my mobile for some reason. So I checked the status page at and there was already a post saying that they were investigating. I sent an email from my mobile to let Box support know that I was affected. Checking the Box status page again a little later revealed that the problem had been caused by a major incident at their London data centre, and offering to reconnect customers to their other feed, which was not affected. We were able to use our mobiles, so opted to wait. I also have a PAYG 3G “dongle” backup connection, but did not need to use it on this occasion. Our Box Gigabit connection was restored by the Equinix data centre engineers at 9:29 pm. The final report from Box on the status page is as follows.

“18/08/2020 04:24 to 21:28 – A fault occurred at a third-party data centre in London causing one of our two lines to go down in the Walliswood area. We were able to get around half of the affected customers reconnected to a backup link for the duration of the outage. The issue at the data centre was a major incident where a UPS had (apparently) caught fire and a knock-on effect was the total building had lost power affecting over 150 companies including BT, Sky, Virgin and many many others. Given the scale of this incident it took most of the day for the data centre to transition to a new power system and get things up and running again.”

Read a full report on the incident at The Register

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