Pitch Hill build update

Dear residents of Pitch Hill,

A further update on progress; we are still installing a small number of customers in the Ewhurst area where our network is already live.

Working through getting back to building networks has been ongoing internally within the company, and we are hoping that we can restart build in September, We still have a couple of things to put in place for the business to move this forward but we have made significant progress in August, Pitch Hill is still the first and top priority as the build programme re-starts.

I will not be more specific on dates but as soon as I know exact build start I will be communicating immediately.

Kind regards

Graham Sargood

Chief Executive

Box Broadband Limited


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One Response to Pitch Hill build update

  1. David Nye says:

    I did ask for clarification on the cause of the delay, but all I got back from Graham was:

    “I am the CEO of Box Broadband so I cannot speculate on Boxcom , any build on Pitch Hill will be based on Box Broadband paying Boxcom to build as we have always done. We have a few things to still resolve internally within BoxBB to get our teams back off furlough and we are hoping for September back to build.”

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