Pitch Hill build update

Dear Residents of Pitch Hill,

You might have seen this week in the Ewhurst newsgroups some rumours about Box Broadband being purchased by BT.  These  rumours are untrue and we continue to operate as an independent company with supportive  investors.  Also, I can confirm that Box Broadband has not gone into liquidation and are operating teams out of Ewhurst to support our current customer base across Cranleigh and Ewhurst.

Regarding the build of Pitch Hill, I would like to advise that Box Broadband will no longer be working with Boxcom Network Services as its build partner. There are areas  across Cranleigh and Ewhurst where the build remains incomplete and we will be bringing in new build partners to support our ongoing build and growth program. These discussions have been ongoing over the last few weeks and we have  two very strong companies who will be picking up our network build and maintenance. Pitch Hill is still top priority to complete once we can get teams back on the ground.

I am sorry for the delays and I know this is not acceptable to you, but Box Broadband is working hard to get build projects restarted after a very difficulty  summer.

Kind regards

Graham Sargood
Chief Executive 
Box Broadband Limited 
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