Ewhurst Fibre Network Improvements

It’s three years since the first FTTP connections revolutionised our lives here in eastern Ewhurst and Walliswood, and over the past year that fibre has been worked so much harder than anyone could have anticipated. I was unable to detect an issue with performance myself, but nevertheless it was brilliant to receive notification that our backhaul capacity was significantly upgraded earlier this month. Box Broadband are now able to offer 10Gb business connections, seeming incredible in such a rural location, with the two backhaul links also now providing backup in the event one fails.

The new contractors have recently made excellent progress on the new Pitch Hill network under very difficult conditions. Jeannie reports that a huge amount of work has been completed over the last two months and many properties now have fibre access on their doorstep, albeit not yet lit. We sincerely hope that there are fewer challenges when completing the remaining work, so that all those on and around the Hill, who need better broadband so badly at this time, can look forward to the transformational upgrade very soon.

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