Pure fibre installation activity

I have been informed that the majority of the Pitch Hill project subscribers have now been connected to the Box Broadband gigabit fibre network. For example, Jeannie Cameron, at the top of Pitch Hill above the Windmill Inn, reports that her speed test results have gone from under 2 Mbps to 1,037 Mbps, meaning that the Box Broadband service really has transformed her life. James kindly posted one of his speed test results from The Warren with his feedback here. I would love to hear from others who registered their support for my campaign all those years ago, confirming whether now connected with Box or even another solution, in total confidence of course unless otherwise agreed. I have already heard from 3 people still waiting, and getting increasingly frustrated as those around them get connected, one of these being a Pitch Hill project subscriber. Having spoken to Graham, I understand that there are genuine technical or legal challenges to overcome in all cases, and that these are being progressed as fast as is possible.

It was exciting to learn that a 300m section of dig has been completed to allow connection of the Pitch Hill fibre to Coneyhurst Lane, and that Box are now even planning expansion to cover the majority of Ewhurst and Cranleigh.

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