Major BT Outage

As I write this, my Zen connection on BT line has been down since 09:25, along with many connections on BT lines on 60 different exchanges; according to the BT outage page on Zen’s site. Zen support tell me this is due to BT equipment failure.

Fortunately we have another line into the house, and I recently switched this to the O2 LLU service, so this has been unaffected by the outage. Those on TalkTalk LLU are also presumably unaffected.

Please let us know if you were affected, and if your experience matches the above. Thanks, David.

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3 Responses to Major BT Outage

  1. David Nye says:

    Connection back up at 12:17; anyone else affected?

  2. Mike Turner says:

    Yes, I was affected in Coneyhurst Lane too at exactly the same times.

  3. David Nye says:

    And apparently Chris on TalkTalk LLU was not affected.

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